Weekly Math Update

We’re down to just a couple weeks left in the semester! Finals are week after next, and ALEKS pies are due on the 15th. Everybody’s goal is to get to 45% on their ALEKS pie by Friday the 15th.  Please remind your kiddos to work on it steadily over the next two weeks rather than saving it until the last few days. These pies are big projects, and are meant to be done over the course of a school year. Trying to complete a big chunk of one in just a few days is an extremely difficult task.


I have started giving weekly quizzes on Fridays. The quizzes will always cover the material on that week’s ALEKS assignment (except in the case of Geometry, in which we do proofs). Please help students to keep these quizzes in mind; they’re part of an effort to get students to keep their work current, despite our generous policy on turning in late work.


Have a relaxing weekend!