Update: it turns out there’s more math than any one person can do in a lifetime

 In AP/DE Calculus AB, AP/DE Calculus BC, DE Pre-Calculus

Greetings! It’s cold and mathy in our outdoor class area. This week, we discovered that plugging three electric patio heaters into the same corner of the building trips a circuit breaker. Everybody’s MAP testing this week, but when we’re done, we’re doing the following:

Calculus II will learn how to find areas bounded by curves in polar form.

Calculus I will continue the epic journey known as ‘related rates’. This is a notoriously tricky topic. Calculus students should make sure they’re caught up and comfortable with the chain rule, or related rates will go badly for them.

Precalculus is warming up for a detailed study of polynomials. There’s going to be some heavy duty factoring involved, which is a topic many kids are shaky on coming out of Algebra I and Algebra II, so we’re taking it slowly.

Math for Mathematicians has been doing its usual eclectic assortment of math activities. Many students are discovering the joys of Geogebra, which is very handy for both exploration and explanation.

Have a good one!

Mr. Hermann