Mr. Hermann’s Math Update

 In AP/DE Calculus AB, AP/DE Calculus BC, DE Pre-Calculus

Greetings! We’re having a fine, healthy time of it here in room 510, and the mathematics learning continues unabated. We survived AZM2, and soon we’ll brave MAP testing. Then AP tests and finals! We’ve got a lot of testing coming up.

What we’ve been up to:

Calculus II is just finishing off all the APClassroom content for Calculus BC, and they’re feeling more confident by the day of getting good scores on the AP test.

Calculus I is braving differential equations, which is the topic infamous at universities for persuading engineering majors that they’d be happier as dance majors.

Precalculus just finished some very heavy lifting involving graphing sinusoidal functions, and is now wrestling with logarithms.

Math for Mathematicians has had all sorts of fun lately making various polyhedrons out of cardstock. There has been a great deal of progress made in construction techniques, which is a good thing because building a dodecahedron out of paper is hard!

Until next time,

Mr. Hermann