Mr. Hermann’s Update

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Hello, all. We’ve been busy as can be in room 510.

Calculus II is reviewing and relearning various things about definite and indefinite integrals. They’re also wrestling with old AP exam problems at least one day a week, in preparation for the main event in the spring.

Calculus I just finished their unit on continuity and limits, and is now just about to start putting it all to use to learn about derivatives. I’m really looking forward to showing them the magic that results when we apply limits to finding slopes of tangent lines. It’s the sort of thing with the potential to make somebody a mathematician for life.

Precalculus is experiencing the joys of learning to measure angles using radians (written as fractions of pi, of course), inverse trig functions, and discovering the meaning of the mnemonic “soh cah toa”.

Math for Mathematicians is all over the place, as usual. They’re solving puzzles, inventing proofs, finding new ways to count, cutting and pasting, wrestling with graphics programs to illustrate their ideas, and generally nerding out.

Have a good one!

Mr. Hermann