Hermann’s Weekly Update

 In Algebra II Honors, AP/DE Calculus AB, DE Pre-Calculus, Math for Mathematicians

Nobody ever said anything about the missing haircuts when they sold us on this lockdown. Pretty soon I’m going to have to break out the clippers and shear myself, and I predict the results will be a look that is comfortable, but somewhat post-apocalyptic.

The math continues! Algebra II just finished up a unit on modeling (the math kind, not the kind that features expensive haircuts), and is starting a new unit on rational functions. Precalc is partway through a unit on matrices, which is the plural of matrix. Calculus has covered everything in the AB course, but is using the BC course materials now to prepare for the AP exam.

Math for Mathematicians A has been playing games with the Four Color Theorem and arithmetic series, and now has an interesting number theory puzzle to solve. Math for Mathematicians B has discovered some fascinating things about trios of similar figures whose common ratio of dimensions is the golden ratio. Now they’re creating puzzles based on their findings.

Don’t forget to come find me in our Google Meet if you need help or just want to say hi:


I’m in there every school day from nine to noon.

I miss everybody and look forward to seeing you in person again someday, and if I have a haircut that makes me look like an extra from Mad Max, just ignore it.

Mr. Hermann