Update: Another abbreviated week nevertheless packed with math

 In 7th Grade Scholars Prep, AP/DE Calculus AB, AP/DE Calculus BC, DE Calculus III, DE Pre-Calculus

Remember those charged laptops and dry erase markers! Also, please note that if you do Khan Academy assignments late, I have no way of knowing. I’ll need an email from you in order to know that I need to go into Khan Academy and find your updated scores. Remember that late work can never be above 80%, and if it’s more than a week late, it’s a zero.

What are we up to this week?

Calc III: Three or four different formulas for curvature!

Calc II: Finding solutions to separable differential equations given certain initial conditions.

Calc I: Derivatives of inverse functions, particularly inverse trig functions! Then combining all our derivative rules and seeing that we can take the derivative of pretty much anything now.

Precalculus: More graphing transformations, as well as function notation.

7th grade Scholar’s Prep: More drilling and exploring with decimals and fractions. Some techniques besides long division for expressing fractions as decimals.

Have a good week!

Mr. Hermann