Quarter two still loaded with mathematics

 In 7th Grade Scholars Prep, AP/DE Calculus AB, AP/DE Calculus BC, DE Calculus III, DE Pre-Calculus

We’ve finally got a couple normal, five-day school weeks and we’re making the most of them! But we also need to remember some routine stuff:
1) Every student is required to have their own dry erase marker
2) Every student needs a charged laptop.
3) Snacks are for the first five minutes of third hour. Food needs to be away other times. I used to be more relaxed about letting people eat in my classroom. Then I stepped on a grape and it was like that horrible scene in the last Kill Bill movie.

What are we up to this week?

Calc III: Arc length parameterizations of vector valued functions. Curvature.

Calc II: Slope fields, and more fun and games with differential equations.

Calc I: Chain rule! Most critical topic of second quarter. Maybe the most critical topic of the rest of the year. Pay attention and work hard, y’all.

Precalculus: Graphing transformations of functions

7th grade Scholar’s Prep: decimals and percents, with an emphasis on learning decimal representations of some innocent-looking fractions that nevertheless get ugly when you try to write them as a decimal.

Have a good week!

Mr. Hermann