every available surface in room 510 still covered in math

 In 7th Grade Scholars Prep, AP/DE Calculus AB, AP/DE Calculus BC, DE Calculus III, DE Pre-Calculus

Thanks to all of you who donated markers! If I can fend off the marauding students, I’ll have enough to last the rest of the year.

If anybody is confused about missing class participation points, here are the most common reasons:
1) Unexcused absence
2) Not using class time to work on math
3) Packing up before the bell rings
4) Not being prepared (no marker or no computer, for example)

Here’s what we’re up to this week:

Calc III: Divergence in the context of vector fields (as opposed to the contexts of limits or series)

Calc II: Taylor and Maclaurin series

Calc I: Optimization! These story problems are all kinds of fun to draw.

Precalculus: Trigonometry has finally arrived. We’re starting from scratch and building it all. This week we’ll mostly be exploring the unit circle.

7th grade Scholar’s Prep: Proportional relationships

Have a good week!

Mr. Hermann