…at least for this school year.

 In AP/DE Calculus AB, AP/DE Calculus BC, DE Pre-Calculus

…at least for this school year.

Hello again! We’re midway through MAP testing, and it’s going well. Remember that anybody who gets their best score of the year (this is our third MAP test this year) on this test gets 100 extra credit points!

What we’ve been up to:

Calculus II has finished off all the APClassroom content for Calculus BC. Just some last minute review of tricky concepts remains.

Calculus I has passed through the crucible of differential equations without anybody having any visible breakdowns, so that’s excellent!

Precalculus has finished logarithms and, in fact, everything else.

Math for Mathematicians has recently seen its Geogebra competence expand dramatically, with polished diagrams and even animations showing up in our weekly showcases.

Until next time,

Mr. Hermann